Asking for Support

Last week I was talking to a Guide friend who is all knowledgable about sponsorship about seeking support for the Jamboree. Asking for money or help is not really my thing and something I know I need to rely on others for help with. Heather was full of great ideas on how best to go about this.

We have been very lucky with the support of the local City of Ballarat who have donated the use of Victoria Park for free for our camp. We appreciate their ongoing support as we organise this event. We aim to repay their support as we showcase their beautiful city and surrounds to Guides from around Australia.

After talking to Heather, her job now is to think about the types of companies and philanthropic organsiations that might be willing to support this venture. It definitely helps to have someone with prior knowledge and experience in this field.

My job is to have a look at the Jamboree program and chunk and cost the various parts of the program that we might then be able to ask for support for. This might be the opening or closing ceremony or one of the evening activities planned. It might be the coffee shop for leaders or one of the activities that guides can choose to do. It is definitely a different way of thinking about things and not something I have done before.

There is also the opportunity to support Guides and leaders to do their own asking. Heather is going to put together a pack that Guides can use to approach local community organisation to ask for support. We hope that will help girls who don’t know who or how to ask.

We know that so many of the community organisations that are always so supportive of Guides such as Rotary, Lions and other local community organisations have done it really hard over the last 2 years. Not being able to fundraise has meant that they too will be struggling. However, I guess, the mindset is that there is no harm in asking.

GGA has also pledged support for Guides and leaders from areas impacted by the 2019-2020 bushfire with funds to attend the Jamboree. This support is from the Bushfire Fund that was set up just after the fires that gained support from Guides around the world.

Do you have ideas of local community groups or larger organisations that either individual Guides or the Jamboree committee might approach to support this event? Please share below or email We will be sharing ideas on our website soon.

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