What’s the Cherry on Top of Camp?

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog. I live in Victoria and we have just been through another lockdown. I live in regional Victoria so was a little luckier than my Melbourne friends but we have still be doing Guides online and lots and lots of zoom meetings for Guides and to catch up with friends. It has been hard and talking to my team and other friends in both Victoria, NSW and ACT, no one has really had the head space to think about an event that is 16 months away.

However, we are back, everyone is slowly emerging from lockdowns and there is a renewed buzz in the air. The Program Team have been working hard and have come up with some fantastic ideas. We have run 4 zoom sessions with interested volunteers, mainly Victorians at this stage, to get feedback on the Program ideas and have received lots of really positive comments. We also sought feedback on the little extra things that make a difference at camp that are the ‘cherry on top’

Some of the ideas were:

  • Leaders having downtime and somewhere to go to meet new friends
  • Badge swap tent
  • Chill zone
  • Camp mascot
  • Camp song/dance
  • Newsletter for those on site

We also gained some ideas on things we could try that maybe haven’t been done lately or ever

  • Mural or mosaics that everyone can add to during camp that is a permanent reminder
  • Information hub or help desk
  • Camp radio
  • An app that each Guide can access via their phone to tell them where to go and what activities are on where

We are also contacting units of Guides to share the program ideas with, and get feedback from, just to make sure we are hitting the mark with them.

It is great to have the bandwidth to be back planning again and tomorrow I’m meeting up face to face with some of the team to work on all the bits of camp that sit around the program. In 2 weeks the team is all travelling to Ballarat to visit the site, talk about where we want subcamps, activities, catering and everything else that we need to fit on site. It feels good to be out and about and back in the swing of things.

Do you have any ideas about those small things that make the difference at camp? Any ideas on new things we could try or things that could be done differently. Please share them as we are always open to new ideas.

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