Badges and Branding

I am no graphic designer, but I do know what I like when I see it. Luckily I am working with a couple of designers at the moment as we decide on the branding look of the Jamboree. Just like the name of a camp, it is the badge on the camp blanket that helps to bring back the memories made, the friendships forged and at times the fun as a result of the weather.

So how has the branding/badge come about. I had some ideas based on the name and what I wanted written on the badge. There is the logo to incorporate and our connection to country that we wanted to include. I discussed these with our commumications person at Girl Guides Victoria and she designed a range of possible badges and banners. They were great and close to what we wanted. Our Comms person has since moved on but luckily the team work continues.

Colour and Font: The new Girl Guides Australia branding gives a great range of colours as well as sets out particular fonts to be used. Reading the Brand Guidelines there are the main colours are the legacy Guide Blue and then also incorporate Guide yellow, Daffodil, Ocean and Turquoise. There is also secondary colours of Grass, Autumn and Flame. Our fonts are Cunia and Poppins and we will be using them for the most part on all our branding and website. It is interesting to read the thinking behind the colours and fonts so if you have an interest have a read of the GGA Brand Guidelines.

Graphics: Without giving away too much, we are using the logo and the Southern Cross on the badge and branding. When I suggested using the Southern Cross originally it is because I associate it with Australia. It is on our Guide top and the Australian Flag. It got me thinking about whether it is just an Australian (and New Zealand) thing.

A bit of research shows that the Southern Cross is actually on 5 national flags, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Brazil and ours. It is mentioned in the Brazil National Anthem, the Samoan National Anthem as well as our own. In Aboriginal Astronomy the Crux and the Coalsack marks the head of the ‘Emu in the Sky’ as well as other representations from various people around the country. Even the Egyptians believed that Horus, the sun goddess was crucified on the cross and marked the passage of winter, at a time, about 5000 years ago when it could be seen in the northern hemisphere. So while I associate it with Australia, others also have a close connection to this bright part of the night sky.

There is also another graphic element which we are keeping as a surprise at this point.

Digitial Inclusion: Another important aspect of the branding and website was that I wanted to ensure we were considering issues of digital inclusion in all we were designing. I have made a commitment to myself and the team that this event will be open to all guides and make all feel welcome and so inclusion and diversity must thread through all decisions we make, not be an add on after. I am modeling this on the amazing work done by the inclusion team at the Sydney Jamboree. So in terms of branding and website what does that mean?

We will be aiming to make the website accessible and easy to use. The website will need to include the information girls, adults and leaders want and have ongoing updates to answer questions as they arise. With the branding we need to ensure the colour contrast is such that it allows the best readibility. I am learning more and more about this as we go and will be working with the inclusion and diversity team to ensure we make everyone feel acknowledged.

So stay tuned for when we launch the badge and website in the next month.

Which badges are your favourite and why? Is the design itself or the memories they envoke?

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