All things registration

Last week I met up with a Scout leader, who also happens to be a wizz with programming who has designed registration software for a number of Guide and Scout events. We are going to be working with Stephen to set up our registration system for the Jamboree. You realise what a difference it makes when you speak the “same language”, that is Guide and Scout speak. Without hassle he understood the type of program we might be running, the way we manage groups of girls camping, and all the sorts of things we need to include in the registration process.

The first thing to think about with the registration system is security. We are gathering a lot of personal information about girls and adults from around Australia and we need to ensure we have systems in place to secure that data. Once we know the data is security, we then have to control who has access to it and what level of access. So everyone will be able to access their own record but we also need to ensure that subcamp, group, contingent and camp leaders have access to the information they need and only that information.

We also need to collect the right information and in the easiest format. The usual information about name, date of birth etc, but we will also load up into the backend every unit in the country so girls can find their unit in a dropdown menu. Dietary and medical requirements are also really important and we need to make sure we collect these in an accurate and sensitive manner. We want parents to feel comfortable to share information about their daughter’s needs and no that will be respected.

Leaders and volunteers will also need to include their own skills and job preference as well as information about their various child safe checks – which of course are a different name and format in each State.

Another area we need to get right is the payment system, making sure it seamlessly links to our bank as well as the inclusion of a retail system to preorder badges and other merchandise. And then we get onto the important part of whether we are including program choices, extra programs and the ability to choose a few friends that you want to camp with.

Luckily I have a self-confessed database tragic, Tamara from Victoria, who loves all things databases and is going to be working on all these details with Stephen to get it right for us. It may take a little while to get all the registration system set up but we want to get it right to start with, because like most things, if you get the set up right from the start everything else will fall into place more easily.

Are there things that annoy you about registering for events? Things you think it would be helpful to know? Help us make sure we get it right. Have your say below.

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