What makes a Jamboree memorable?

Or what keeps you coming back?

I was recently away for a leadership weekend with Girl Guides Victoria bringing together the 3 parts of the leadership team – the Executive committe, the State Patrol (State Commissioner, Assistant SCs, Region Managers, Senior Managers) and the Joyce Price Centre team (Office staff). The energy, passion, skills, experience and all round amazingness that was in the room was mindblowing.

And it reminds you of the awesomeness of guiding, the diversity of skills, experience and passion that we all have. With one small call out for help with the Jamboree, I am already receiving offers from far and wide. We can’t do this without help from a lot of people and I know that help will be there. It is a nice feeling to know that.

The Jamboree is going to be hard work for the adults involved, there is no denying that but I know that many leaders attend multiple events so I want to know about what are the great memories/experiences others have had and why leaders keep volunteering.

I am keen to hear from you in the comments below:

What is your favourite memory of a Jamboree/large camp?

Why do you keep attending such events?

What would you like to see happen at the next Jamboree?

What would make you want to come and help in 2023?

9 thoughts on “What makes a Jamboree memorable?

  1. My favourite memories of Jamborees (I have been to 2) are the opening and closing ceremonies and the friends I have made.
    I keep attending as they are a wonderful experience for the girls and leaders and I get to do Guiding all week!
    I really enjoyed the entertainment every night at Sydney Jamboree, so more of that. There were great onsite activities at both Sydney and Bunya (the girls really loved the mud challenge there), so keep those. Sydney however was a little hectic with so much off-site that we sometimes didn’t see the girls so much.
    Oh, I am coming in 2023. Last time however I was at Ballarat it was January and wet and cold. I am coming from Qld, so could you please try for some nice weather πŸ˜‰


    1. When I visited the site in January this year it was on a cold and wet day too – I have put in the order with the Jamboree gods for fine weather πŸ™‚


  2. Favourite memory is meeting people from different areas of your own.
    The spirit of guiding and friendship would make me attend.
    The last Jamboree in Sydney it was great that the senior guides had an overnight expedition.
    Would like to come now but for me at the moment it’d some medical issues that I need to sort out .


  3. What is most memorable from my years as a guide is the unscheduled/free time that I got to spent relaxing and chatting to other guides.

    I remember doing a whole pile of activities but it is the unplanned time that has HD the biggest impact. I still have friends from that time but don’t remember anyone that I was with during the planned activity time.


  4. Having enough leaders in a sub camp to reduce the work load and enable all of us to enjoy the camp. Often the sub camp is too far away from the activity hub to want to wander over and watch/participate.
    Also some time for the girl to just β€˜be’. They need unscheduled activity time to chat, sleep or just organise gear.


    1. Hoping to have many activities onsite and close to camp so leaders can visit and experience time with the girls at play


  5. I have done 5 in Aus and 1 overseas
    The friends, company of old and new

    Love helping make memories for the girls

    Helping girls who need help,
    A companion dog to help girls doing tough
    And a good mix of on and off site


    1. A companion dog is a great idea and something that is definitely on the list. On and off site activities are planned.


  6. Sydney opening ceremony was magical. It was awesome to witness the energy, creativity and beginning of new friendships … I have a video I play occasionally that captures the feeling of that moment. My thinking is that it is these opportunities for memories and moments that make up an awesome Jamboree experience.

    My other thought bubble is the ability for downtime for each individual to experience all that is on offer at the right pace for them … so those individual experiences within the mass organisation.


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