Why write a blog – looking for feedback

I wonder if I am setting myself a rod for my own back as I make a commitment to myself to share the journey of the Jamboree. Why would I add “another thing” to my “to do list” which I know will only grow in length as we go through the next 2 year? I think the reason is I not only want to share the steps that lead to a successful (hopefully) event but to also gain insight from others along the way.

I have an idea, a plan, that there will be a range of guide leaders across the country who will be interested in the process of getting this size event off the ground. I am also hoping that those same leaders will be willing to give feedback and share ideas as we step through the process.

When our State Commissioner, Janelle Howell, announced at our Management/Staff/Executive end of year picnic 2 days ago that I had been appointed LiC of the Jamboree, not 10 minutes later, one of the Region Managers, with a wealth of Jamboree experience, was sharing with me what she thought were highlights and lowlights of previous events she had attended. This is the sort of knowledge and feedback I want to tap into through this blog, and through other means. This is our event, the girls and the leaders, so let’s share the journey of making it happen.

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