The beginning – what is a LiC

I must have missed the first call out from GGV for those interested in helping with the 2023 Jamboree as it wasn’t until a subsequent request for expressions of interest in being LiC in early October 2020 that I even thought about this role.

LiC of a Jamboree… could I do that?… what a challenge… what an opportunity

First step was find out what the job entails and did I have the skills.

  • Build a Jamboree 2023 Patrol
  • Develop a communication plan and reporting schedule
  • Develop a plan and program for the Jamboree
  • Implement and deliver the proposed Jamboree
  • Close out activities for the Jamboree
Qualifications and Experience Required
  • Aged 18 or over, have made the Girl Guide Promise and be a member of a State organisation
  • Excellent leadership, communication and organisational skills
  • Previous large camp experience in a leadership and/or organisational capacity
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with an effective ability to collaborate and inspire
  • Outstanding level of understanding and experience with people and large team management and leading through complexity and conflict

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