“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room”

Robert Baden-Powell

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All things registration

Last week I met up with a Scout leader, who also happens to be a wizz with programming who has designed registration software for a number of Guide and Scout events. We are going to be working with Stephen to set up our registration system for the Jamboree. You realise what a difference it makes…

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Location, location, location

There are many different aspects to running a Jamboree but there seems to be two really important ones – ones that get talked about first if they don’t work. That is, the location and the food. I’m hoping if we get these two things right, the talk will be of the activities, the friendship, the…

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What’s in a name?

This week we are excited to share the name chosen for the Jamboree: Kani-Karrung Australian Jamboree 2023. Kani-Karrung means women camping together in the local indigenous language of the Ballarat area, the Wadawurrung language. We have sought and been given permission by the local women to use this name. I am pleased that we can…

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What makes a Jamboree memorable?

Or what keeps you coming back? I was recently away for a leadership weekend with Girl Guides Victoria bringing together the 3 parts of the leadership team – the Executive committe, the State Patrol (State Commissioner, Assistant SCs, Region Managers, Senior Managers) and the Joyce Price Centre team (Office staff). The energy, passion, skills, experience…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Helen. Long term Guide Leader from Melbourne, Victoria. I’ve had some amazing experiences through Girl Guides and have had roles working both at State and National levels of our organisation. I’m looking forward to sharing the Jamboree 2023 journey with you.

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